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Personal Security and Bodyguards

High-profile public figures and executive professionals in North and Central Arkansas can utilize the security task forces with Clark's Security Services for personal protection. Wealthy or publicly viewed individuals may be at risk of threat in everyday situations --be it planned or a spontaneous opportunity. Our personal and executive security protections give peace of mind for your well-being.

Our security agents are well-trained in proactive protection. Your Clark's Security team effectively observes, assesses, and neutralizes threats before serious problems can arise while maintaining professional discretion to minimize interference in your daily life. We take great pride in offering security agents with deescalation and conflict resolution skills. The Clark's Security Services staff only uses force when absolutely necessary for your safety and that of your staff and property.

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Personal and Executive Security Situations
Personal Security Situations

--Immediate Physical Threats
--Hostile Company Downsizing
--National Travel
--Shareholder Meetings
--Celebrity Appearances
--Union Discussions and Disputes
--Political Speaking Forums and Debates
--Close Protection

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